About the Event


Creating Value Conference


For years, the widely accepted purpose of a company was to maximize shareholder value. In the face of the increasingly turbulent, complex and unpredictable environment in which companies operate, however, the tried-and-true management practices and theories are proving less than optimal. 

Additionally, mounting evidence suggesting that we live in a finite world, with limited resources, makes 

the need for a shift in our understanding of what it means to create value and for whom ever more pressing.





In response to these underlying trends, consensus is building that the purpose of a company should be to create value, not just for its shareholders, but for all its stakeholders, including, ultimately, for society at large.

Building on the foundations of the previous global editions in Leicester and New York, the 3rd Global Conference on Creating Value in Paris aims to increase our understanding of what it means to create value in this constantly changing environment. Societies, institutions and companies are facing the challenge of creating sustainable value as expected by increasingly demanding customers, plus the challenges of technology and disruption and an ever-changing business and social landscape.



Join us for an unconventional, thought-provoking discussion on the latest thinking on value creation that is sustainable for all